Workshop 4: Bionic Prosthetics Controlled by Neural Interface

Dr. Sang-Rok Oh, Korea Institute of Science & Technology(KIST),Korea.(
Prof. Youngjin Choi, Hanyang University, Korea(
Prof. Kyu-Jin Cho, Seoul National University, Korea(
Dr. Jinwoo Jeong, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea(

Timeslot: 9:30 – 12:30
Room: Carré 2K


The development of peripheral neural interface technology, which is being conducted by researchers in the US and Europe in recent years, shows new possibilities for neural interface technology. In this workshop, we will focus on multidisciplinary research topics in major research grants related to this topic. In addition, the latest research results of the bionic arm development program which is being led by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology will be introduced and discussed in detail. Development of a bionic-arm which will have multiple degree-of-freedom, interworking with the human nervous system, and recognizing objects based on bio-signal processing and control technologies to realize complex movements and various haptic sensations. To do this, we will make the bionic-arm to have compatibility of movement and sensation with the same level of real human arm by implementation of a newly developed neural-interface. We can secure original technologies of a “bidirectional neural-interface” on both motor and somatic sensory. These techniques will ultimately be used to develop various neural prostheses that can replace the human body using neural interfaces.

The workshop topics to be presented:

  • Bionic-arm with bio-signal based control mechanism which can move at the human intention and to feel human senses
  • Operation Principles and transmission mechanisms of the nervous system for the development of a bionic-arm with human-like movements and human-like haptic senses
  • Sensor/stimulator to manipulate micro nerve fibers and to detect/generate mechanical/electrical/chemical signals.
  • Human muscle functionality and conceptual design of fundamental muscle-like actuators
  • Active soft material for new muscle-like actuators
  • Human-skin-mimic the tactile sensor component development
  • Artificial skeleton and joint
  • Insertion-type or high-selective neural interface for peripheral neural signals

Speakers and Agenda:

Highly selective and minimally invasive electrode platform for peripheral nerve

  • Dr. Jinseok Kim

Design of neuro-controlled bidirectional artificial hands

  • Prof. Marco Controzzi

Design of high precision robotic platform to manipulate peripheral nervous system

  • Dr. Keehoon Kim

Soft contractile muscle like actuator for bionic prosthetics

  • Prof. Hyouk Ryeol Choi

Implementing soft robotic technologies in an advanced bionic hand: the SoftHand Pro

  • Dr. Manuel G. Catalano

Robotic mechanism design based on ligamentous structure

  • Prof. Youngjin Choi